Simple Rangoli Designs Images & Beautiful Diwali Rangoli Images Download With Dots!

Simple Rangoli Designs Images & Beautiful Diwali Rangoli Images Download With Dots: Rangoli is a beautiful art form, which was originated in the Indian subcontinent.It is the amazing patterns that are created on the floor or the ground with the help of several materials likecoloured rice, dry flour, coloured sand or flower petals.

Rangoli is created for the decoration purpose, and it is believed to bring good luck to your home and family. Various different designs depictor reflect different traditions, folklore, as well as practices that are exclusive to each area.

Rangoli Designs Images-

If you are looking for latest Rangoli Images, Photos and HD wallpapers, then you are at the right place as we have gathered some best collection of Rangoli Images that you can use to create a design of your own or else to share it.

Rabgoli is usually made for the period of Diwali or Tihar, Onam, Pongal and various other Hindu festivals that are held in the Indian subcontinent. These Rangoli designs have been passed from one generation to another, keeping both the art form as well as the tradition alive.

Simple Rangoli Designs Images-

It is traditionally made by the girls or women of the house. Usually, this practice is held during various Indian occasions or festivals, as well as auspicious observances, marriage celebrations and other similar highlights and get-togethers.

Rangoli is full of colours and emotions, it is not just a pattern but it is a unique art. With the help of these Rangoli pictures that we are providing you, you can get the inspiration and from that you can create a whole new one by combining different design pattern to another.


Diwali Rangoli Images-

If you are looking for Rangoli Design Photos, Pictures in HD then you are at the right place. Our page is providing you the best ever collection of Rangoli Design that you have never seen before. These designs are unique as well as latest so that you can get best idea for creating your own.

Rangoliis known by various names in many parts of India such as in Tamil Nadu it’s known as Kolam, in Andhra it is known as muggulu, in Karnataka it is known as muggitu, in Rajasthan it is known as a mandana and so on.

Beautiful Rangoli Images with dots-

It is believed that Rangoli designs were started many centuries ago. You can also find some references of rangoli designs in our scriptures. With time, the art of Rangoli has changed over many centuries.

Rangoli Images Download-

If you want you can also share these amazing yet beautiful high-definition images, photos, wallpapers, pictures of Rangolito your family, friends and loved ones. In order to send these HD photos, you just have to download these photos and after that you can send it to anyone you want or else can just keep it or save it to your gallery or simply keeping it as wallpaper to your device.

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